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W.A.E. Group Limited was formed by the amalgamation of W.A Displays, Austin Signs and Emblem Signs in 2001.

Since its inception, W.A.E Group has continued to embrace the latest developments in sign manufacturing and large format digital print, regularly investing in the latest machinery to keep up to pace with new technology, as well as maintaining traditional sign skills and techniques.


W.A.E Group has worked with and retained many clients over a number of years through good relationships and prompt quality service.

Our many in house facilities mean we can closely monitor and control your signage and print through from design to installation nationwide. Processes include initial design and planning, metal & acrylic fabrication, CNC routing, spray painting and stove enameling, vinyl graphics as well as an extensive range of screen and digital print capabilities in latex, UV and solvent inks.


Whatever your sign and digital print requirements are W.A.E will have the knowledge, expertise and facilities to create, impactful, effective signs that will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Digital Printing
Large Format Print Leeds
Digital Print Machine Leeds
Digital print leeds

Our Factory spread over three floors consists of


Digital printing

Digital print department

At W.A.E we have three rooms that contain digital printing equipment all of which allow us to print on a vast array of different media and substrate depths. This allows W.A.E to expand the range of products we can offer our customers. It is not unusual for us to print on aluminum, wood, acrylic, fabrics and glass. Over the years W.A.E has invested heavily in this department. We have four roll to roll printers that handle banners and vinyl and three large flatbed printers which are all under the same brand manufacture this gives us colour consistency throughout our factory allowing us to speed up customer lead time.

Screen printing leeds

Screen printing department

The screen printing department allows us to print on many different substrates such as acrylic, glass, fabric and metal. it also allows us to print onto awkward shapes and sizes that the more advanced digital machines cannot handle. Screen printing gives a very good strong and flawless finish. We have two silkscreen printing beds in this department. 

Vinyl graphics

Vinyl department

The vinyl department allows us to cut and apply vinyl graphics to various substrates. The vinyl department is made up of two Roland camm one pro plotters and one mimaki CG-160 FX. We also have a seal image 62 laminator allowing us to cover materials once printed in matt or gloss laminate to enhance the quality of the sign. There are also two cutting machines we have invested in one is the summa which is a flatbed cutting machine and a XY Matic roll cutter. By investing in these it means we no longer have to cut the graphics down by hand providing more accuracy and speed. 

Sign fabricaton

Metal and Fabrication workshop

Our metal and fabrication workshop is where we guillotine, fold, wire up and assemble signs.

Over the years we have invested in a Carter VH-1010-6 hydraulic folding machine which allows us to fold sheet metal or composite panels up to 3.1m wide. We also have a Carter hydraulic CNC guillotine which allows us to cut sheet metal and composite panels down with a width of up to 3.2m. By investing in this equipment it means we can manufacture more in house. All wiring to signs that require illumination is also done in house.

painted signs

Paint Shop

At W.A.E. we provide in house stove enamel paint finishing.

Our paint department consists of two separate spray booths and a green air finishing plant oven that allows us to dry the painted signs or lettering much faster, meaning the turnaround for your new signs is vastly improved.

Cnc routered signs

CNC Routing room

By having our own CNC flatbed cutting machine it means we can create and cut intricate patterns and designs in materials such as acrylic, aluminium, foamex and timber through the use of CAD and CAM. This machine is where all our letters are cut before they are taken to the appropriate department for finishing.

Wooden signs

Wood Shop

The wood shop is where any cutting of timber takes place and where all signs are framed if required before being given to the fitting teams. The wood shop also consists of a Streibig Econom 520 6E vertical wall panel saw allowing us to cut panels down to the correct size with ease and accuracy. 

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